Saturday, 6 November 2010

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Our latest entry is as follows:

First of the oranges this year

On our walk between our local villages today temptation won.... and I had the first orange of the year - straight from the tree.

It's an experience that stays with you - yes really! Every November the local Valencia orange crop ripens enough to eat them straight from the tree, the warmth of the sun at this time of year finalises the process, up until now the fruit has been green and hard and certainly bitter.

But today, well the strong scent of orange is released into the air as soon as the fruit is picked and this scent multiplies as soon as the peel is broken - you have to be there to understand.

Mid walk, in mid twenty degrees of heat, with wall to wall blue skies and a glaring sun - it is November after all! There is NOTHING as refreshing as one of these oranges, beautifully sweet and as juicy as a drink.....

The rest of the walk was great too!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

I've said it before and I'll say it again....

We have had some fabulous guests stay with us at Casa Blanca Rural since we opened our doors as a guest house. Earlier this year we were pleased to welcome Lance and Heather, all the way from Australia taking a rest during their three-and-a-half month tour of Europe.

Heather put pen to paper and this is what she wrote about their stay....

Taste of Spain

Do you want a taste of Spain
With a flavour that is ‘real’?
Don’t just take Neil and Caroline’s word
Listen to this happy traveller’s spiel

All the way from Australia
We managed our way to Montichelvo
We’d only written down ‘Casa Blanca’
We had no idea where to go

A half-dressed and drowsy senora
From her siesta we woke
Not much good to us Aussies
Because Spanish was all she spoke

Next we found the mechanic
He put an end to our search
He walked us up the street
And indicated opposite the church

We were ready for a well-earned rest
And we’d chosen the right spot
We were welcomed like old friends
And hospitality was all that we got

Our experience of the village
Allowed me to feel the real Spain
To wander and be part of it
Was certainly to my gain

There’s the Tuesday square market
But don’t get the fruit boy started
Humouring the women of all ages
Bawdily but warm-hearted

Just outside their front door
Are the bar, church and playground
A wonderful meeting place
Where the young and old can be found
From all the church clocks around
The bells ring their beautiful chimes
There’s a delightful sense of confusion
They ring at four different times

There are plenty of places to wander
Through orchards of oranges, olives and pears
If you’re tempted by a ripe fresh fruit
You can savour what the bountiful bush bears

The area is awash with walks
It’s ‘here’ where you get a great deal
There’s no fear for losing your way
‘Cause you can always take along Neil

And what an idyllic performance
Of a goat herder and his flock
Had Neil arranged our meeting
And of our journey to block?

The shepherd’s words were enigmatic
But like some kind of barrr-code
The ladies in his care did stop
Immediately in the middle of the road

I imagine he asked their preference
And how they wanted their day spent
There was some utters and nodding
Then off down the road they went

If doing very little is required
Plonked on the patio more your style
Snooze with the rest of the town
And then go to the town pool for awhile

It’s the pool with the best panorama
Nothing between you and the hills
And when siesta time is over
With laughter and happiness it fills

There maybe a night of paella
On the spectacular roof to dine
With Caroline’s ‘special’ recipe
And plenty of sangria and wine

Even from 26,000 kilometers away
I’d love to go back again
As my poem will certainly attest
It was a highlight of our stay in Spain

Heather Lindsay

Thank you Heather, we sincerely hope that you two pass this way again sometime. There's always Paella and Sangria available!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

House hunting in Spain? We know just the place to stay!

Paul and Daisy from Holland have been staying with us while house hunting in the area. They were in the region earlier in the year and decided then that this was the part of Spain that they wanted to settle in.

We were able to offer advice based on our own experiences of finding and buying property here. We also recommended a Gestor (lawyer) to them as they were concerned about how to find someone reliable to act for them when they found a property to buy.

They found a lovely casita that ticked all the right boxes and have returned to Holland while the lawyer sorts out the, sometimes complicated, purchase process for them.

They wrote:

We would really like to thank you for your hospitality, your help, and your kindness. We are really glad we've met you and hope to stay in touch.

Thanks again for everything and hope to meet you in our new house, so we can take care of you like the way you did to us.

Muchas gracias para todos y hasta luego!

Paul and Daisy

We wish them the very best of luck and look forward to meeting up with them again in their new home!